Panic With Friends

I am going to spend a little time with friends the next week talking about panic.

The discussions will be recorded as podcasts for easy consumption.

I am hoping it will help investors and entrepreneurs with some context on how others – like them – dealt with raising money, managing teams, managing their own money and managing other people’s money through market panics.

First up today will a couple of good friends including Jim O’Shaugnessy who has seen his share of panics in different markets and cycles.

I will also be talking to my partner Charlie Bilello at Compound Capital Advisors about the fascinating world of treasury markets and panics and what happens in the many interrelated markets as fear rises.

Jamie Catherwood, a young associate at OSAM, has put together a great investor blog titled Investors Amnesia where he looks at the history of investing which includes a look at the history of pandemics and volatility.

As for the markets today, our political leaders seem to be huddled together creating a global coordinated financial relief plan to spring on us in the next few weeks.

Have a good day.