Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Chief Executive Officer at O’Shaughnessy Asset Management and Host of Invest Like the Best, Joins Me on Panic with Friends to Talk Fintech, Investing in Founders and More

Learning in public….that is what my friend Patrick tells me is the joy of his podcast. He sure does seem excited, motivated and content.

I hope you take the time to listen to our conversation on all things podcasting and investing. You can listen here on Spotify or Apple and an outline of the show is below.

Guest: Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Profile: Host of Invest Like the Best, Chief Executive Officer of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management

Where to Find Him: LinkedIn, Twitter

Fun Fact: Besides his podcast, I’m a big fan of Patrick’s widely read weekly newsletter “The Investor’s Field Guide.” It’s a quick recap of the best from his podcasts and his favorite reads from the week. In his own words, “it’s the best 5 minutes you’ll spend on a Sunday afternoon.”

What’s the Panic About:

I was so appreciative of Patrick O’Shaughnessy for taking the time to join me on this episode of Panic. It’s always fun to have a fellow podcast host join me and turn the tables on them, especially when that host has one of the most popular investing podcasts out there. I’ve had the great pleasure of being a guest on Patrick’s podcast Invest Like the Best, and he’s joined me as a guest on my show before as well. I guess you could call us podcast experts; although Patrick has been doing his since 2016 so he’s got a couple years on me. He had an unusual route that led him to finance, a success he attributes to his competitiveness and curiousity. As someone who has talked to a lot of people in the investing and fintech world, it was great to pick Patrick’s brain on a number of topics, including: what led him to start his podcast, the gaming market, advice for new investors and founders, the world of software and fintech and more. And of course, I had to end by asking the question he asks all his guests: “What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?” You’ll have to listen to the episode to hear his answer!

The Takeaway:

With so many topics covered, it’s hard to pick just one takeaway from this episode. But I think that itself may be the takeaway. The fact that Patrick never wants to stop learning and has amassed such vast knowledge in so many different subject areas. No matter how many guests he has on or companies he learns about or topics he researches online — he’ll never stop asking questions and fostering his sense of intellectual curiosity. That’s a great quality that will take you far in life.

Favorite Quotes:

● “I would define my world as the intersection between investing, finance, tech and software.”

● “To me, business and investing is like a bigger, more interesting game than those ones I played in high school. But the driving competitive reasons for playing them are the same.”

● “The skill that ultimately separates a lot of great investors and businesspeople is the ability to convince other people to do things. Practice that muscle.”

Food for Thought:

Patrick named some of his favorite guests from his over 190 episode run, including: Bill Gurley, John Collison, Kat Cole and Charlie Songhurst. If you have some time, I would encourage you to check them out and listen to Patrick in action.

PS – I am now doing two ‘Panic with Friends’ podcasts per week. Thanks for listening and make sure you subscribe over on Spotify or Apple.