Patterns Repeat…Breadth is Bad…But it Remains a Market of Stocks

If you own the right stocks, this has been an incredible time to own stocks. Take a look at the brands you can’t live without and love:

Some of the most popular retail consumer brands are crushing the market in 2015 with average YTD performance of +43%

— Ivaylo Ivanov (@ivanhoff) Jul. 23 at 10:00 AM

You could add Chipotles, Buffalo Wild Wings and Disney to this group.

Luckily the ‘robo advisors’ and ‘fee’ cutting software algorithms are here to diversify you into a year of 1 percent S&P gains.

As good as it is for the winners, the losers in mobile and tech look like it’s 1999. It is ugly.

Take a look at 3D printing – here compared to the 1999 optical network boom and bust:

1st published chart comparing 3D Printing $DDD vs 2000 Optical Net $JDSU in Nov 2013 , we are almost home.. #Patterns

— Jean Fonteneau (@JFinDallas) Jul. 16 at 01:22 PM

Here is Twitter (with my doodle):

Here is Yelp:

So – you have the ‘good’ and the ‘ugly’…what about the ‘bad’?

My fave ‘chart artists’ and tape readers are concerned about market breadth.

Here is Ryan Detrick with two good summaries. One. Two.

The ‘bad’ has most of my attention. I am not overly concerned with the bad breadth but on alert for it becoming halitosis.