Once in a while it just flows in….

Today was the payoff day for a week of horror, angst and some good patience. Writing truly helped me stay the course in what was turning into an awful trade.

I peeled and peeled today because in the end, I was dumb to get into the trade. Trading is not something I like to do anymore. I prefer annoying people, spelling errors and irreverance. Trading is a FULL-time job. It is a profession.

I have some fantastic average prices in some of my favorite brands now which I have been blogging and tweeting including Visa, Amex, Apple, Google, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Adobe and I flipped out of Goldman as I own bank shares being married to a US Citizen. I am buried in Russia and deserve it. Amazon is on triple secret probation. I was buying some gold today and will likely just keep adding now on weakness. I will be looking at adding Canadian dollars and selected oil and energy plays once things calm down.

I love knowing my pain points which are now last Friday’s lows.

The landscape going forward is going to be one of the most difficult investment environments of all time. Lot’s of capital, confused shareholders, new rules, new government likely, endless debt and chaos from the crash ripples and confidence shocks.

We may rise 1,000 more fast points but I will just keep liquidating.

When I see hundreds of new all-time highs on a regular basis, you will see me back talking about stocks on a regular basis.

Otherwise I am heading back to entrepreneurship and helping the companies I invested in along. Thanks for putting up with the brief crazy foray into trading.


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