PayPerPost and fading the A List

I like Loren says in his video below, believe in the markets. I also believe that opinions are like assholes….

There are 70 million blogs so imagine the stench. The loudest and stinkiest stench in my reading circle comes continuously from the mouth of Jason Calacanis. I don’t read his blog, but see his name in the Tech blogs. He is a self appointed A-Lister (?). He has been sent to exile at AOL, but someone left his microphone on and he just keeps talking.

It is an interesting strategy and it works to some extent. Like Cramer these days, if you talk all day, some stuff seems spot on. The A Listers have been attacking PayPerPost . Jason the loudest. He has no idea what he is talking about. IF HE DID, HE WOULD BE WORKING FOR GOOGLE and not just a paycheck. AOL is to the internet what the horse and buggy was to transportation. It will get you there, but you will have aged, you occasionally have to deal with assholes and it just stinks.

Loren just takes apart Calacanis in this video from his kitchen. If Loren was running Netscape, they may not have the same fake traffic as they do now, but at least the content would be interesting – and funny.


  1. Steven says:

    Take an idea…bastardize it…and then complain when someone else comes along with another change up. Yeah that makes a lot of sense.

    I am a purist.

    So to me a blog is what it was before someone got the bright idea to monetize the content. Namely, put your thoughts or observations about a particular passion or about your life in general out on the web as a means of attracting individuals with an interest in your interests. That is it period.

    If you have an ad on your website, you are not a blogger.

    If you link to another website of yours that has ads or offer a paid service in some way that is revenue producing, you are not a blogger.

    If your website is designed to attract individuals to contact you offline to secure services you offer, you are not a blogger.

    If your website is designed in anyway to be revenue producing or if you accept gifts, comps, or free massages, you are simply not a blogger.

    What you are is in business, no matter how small, with a website.

    I do not get why this Cal-cankerous sore guy is complaining about protecting the vestal virgin he thinks bloggers are. Every “blog” I go to seems to have some kind of money making motivation behind it, and I am no exception.

    Therefore he is worthy of ridicule simply because he attempts to protect an idea which is not worthy of protection. If that sounds familiar it is because another misguided self described knight of the realm dreamed the impossible dream and tried to right the unrightable wrong only to realize that it was all in his head.

    Bottom line is I think this guy is bent cuz he did not think of it first.

  2. candice says:

    We’re all businesses at that point.

    But Steven, even Slashdot started out with “buy us stuff” links, and the format is post+comments and has been since 1997. A blog before it was called a blog. The camgirl phenomena was the same thing. “I’m cute, buy me stuff.” (Now, they would just be bloggers.) Dave Winer probably wins the longevity prize for blogging, and that’s not monetized, but you see my point?

    All I’m saying is that it’s not new.

    You have to go back to usenet for a proper pollyanna example, I think.

  3. Loren Feldman says:

    I have a lot more people and things I’m going to be talking about Howard. I think you’ll find it interesting.

  4. Steven says:

    Candice – Exactly

    There really are no true bloggers.

    This Cal-cankerous sore guy argues that someone who uses payperpost is not a “blogger.” Yet someone else could make the same argument about those who accept adsense ads; or those who are “donation” oriented, etc.

    The mythical idea of a “blogger” is simply a perception not found in current reality, if it ever was. And even if it ever was, it was long ago, for a brief instant, and now lost in the mists of time.

    My point being, I neither accept nor reject any one definition of “blogger” simply because it is an open and fluid term. What I do reject, much like Loren, is the attempt by anyone to pompously pontificate about what is or is not proper for a “blogger.”

    I prefer to define “blogger” as an individual who actively uses the internet, either through their own webpage or through comments on other pages, to make a point or advanced an idea, as opposed to a passive reader. How one goes about expressing themselves (written word, video, audio) and for what purpose (commercial or non-commercial) is entirely beside the point.

    It is a big tent with enough room for everyone in it. The minute one tries, as the Cal-cankerous sore guy did, to determine who gets in or not, is merely a desire to exert control to increase ones own standing in the community. That’s why I commented here to show support for Loren’s message.

  5. candice says:

    Steven, we should start coming up with more fun names for him.

    It never ceases to amaze me that some people think the network is a small place. Well-connected, sure, but small? No.

  6. Steven says:


    How about Jason “I’d eat my young for a dollar” Cala-Cannibal-is.

    How about Jason “but I was voted top Alpha dog” Cala-Canine-is

    How about Jason “I grow on you like a tumor” Cala-Cancerous

    Just another slow day on the west coast.

  7. Mike says:

    That was hilarious. Kind of like Wallstrip with an edge – served cold with a side of rage. I like his intensity and conviction. As far as payperpost, whatever, is anyone really surprised?

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