Peak California, Weak Boeing, Wrong Warren (Senator Elizabeth) …and The Vix is Still 4 in Tuscany

Ellen and I are in Tuscany for a few days (we always stay with at Casetta – owned and operated by our friend Xenia). This time, I invited some fintech founders and friends for the very first ‘Tuscos’ …a Davos in Tuscany. It was vey last minute, but I plan on making it a regular yearly event.

Before I get started…

Here is a picture of a 200 point wild boar on the drive to dinner last night:

If my son had been driving or in the passenger seat there would be perfect photos, immediately shared on Snapchat. Memes would abound. Sadly, by the time I grabbed my iPhone, opened the camera, pointed and clicked…you got the above.

I have been coming with Ellen to the same place in Tuscany for eight years and this is only the second wild boar we have seen. It was a monster, but really beautiful.

Ok onward…

There are three great posts I wanted to share today.

The first is a must read on the recent plane crashes titled ‘The World Pulls The Andon Cord on The 737 Max‘.

The second post is titled ‘Peak California‘ by Byrne Hobart. I am not as cycnical as Byrne is or the rest of media seems to be on ‘Frisco and the Valley, but the data is the data and Ellen and I have moved residence to Arizona ourselves.

Finally, Ben Thompson has an excellent essay titled ‘Where Warren’s Wrong‘ on her wide reaching proposal that specifically targeted Facebook, Apple and Amazon.

Have a great day everyone.