Peak Oil? Peak Dollar? Peak Market? or Peak my Nose

Fred is wondering about Peak Oil this morning – fishing for comments :) . I am with him…who the f$%ck knows. It’s not a waste of time, but I mean with the KINDLE on backorder, Fred needs to get his priorities straight :) .

The Chairman just can’t get the dollar and Yuan carry trade off his mind . God bless the little rascal. I am so over that…’till Monday’s market open.

Lately, my concern is holiday gifts for my family and partners, not global warming or the Dow, or ‘Peak Oil ‘ for that matter. Here are some goodies by the way if the mini iPod, Wii and Kindle are just not hip enough .

You see, I can’t stop thinking about our continued biggest asset with the highest margins…Culture and Creativity. With respect to energy, 80 percent of our population is fat so it’s likely we will solve our own problems by selling our fat dead bodies as a source of blubber and oil overseas to feed our kids and our kids kids, but I digress.

This post is about culture and creativity. You see “Peak My Nose” or “Pick my Nose” is still money. It’s about picking your nose and getting it virally distributed and than selling yourself for $1,000,000. Well, kind of…

Way back in May 2006, I wrote a post about American Culture Booming . It was all about YouTube, but really all about the American Culture boom.

The great charts and links from Fred’s post have already set the wheels in motion with respect to alternative energy. Have you seen a solar stock chart recently. There will be 100 public companies in the next 5 years riding that PR and economic gravy train. Let Brazil and Mexico muck up their shorelines in the meantime. That’s not what we should be doing anymore…we did that. We should and ARE selling them the tools to muck up their shorelines…faster…cleaner…cheaper.

I will keep my eyes on the new high list, which is non-existent these days, for the real important stuff. The good news is lots of smart money will find these new trends for you and they will start showing up soon enough. Oil won’t go up and the dollar go down without showing the hand of the next big winners. It’s happening right now.

In the meantime, if you live in the US, focus on the internet and creativity and exporting our culture, the good and bad. That’s where the real margins are. And you won’t get filthy doing it.

Furthermore, we should really hope that our leadership understands this and as I said in the May 2006 post:

Message to the government – stop dropping bombs from planes. DROP BROADBAND! and also Kindle’s.

Disclosure – Long Amazona few oil stocks and FSLR, Nintendo and Apple


  1. howard lindzon says:

    bruce…shrinking world dude. take a look at China…commie is the new capitalist. you compliment me.

  2. Bruce says:

    t’was tongue’n cheek howie

    i never got the dropping bombs thing … just never got it

    its so old school, outdated, outmoded

    we have spent how much in Iraq? $500 billion ??
    – would have been better off dropping bags of money on the population with happy face notes, peace signs & cd’s of 60’s LSD inspired music

  3. ivanhoff says:

    The Japanesse have similar to the Kindle devices for more than 10 years. It is very popular there as the locals download even newspapers and read them in electroninc form. It is convenient and it is eco-friendly. The question is how different it is from a laptop? Why and under what circumstances, an American would use it?
    The Japaneese use it mainly in the public transport – a major way for human distribution there. Here in the US, who uses public transportation?
    I don’t see anything revolutionary in the Kindle.It’s even a step back in the evolution process. Yes, it targets virgin niche in the US. But how proffitable is this niche?

  4. howard lindzon says:

    ivanhoff…the merican consumer are late adopters to certain tech and consumption. It’s because at the core, we have become fat and lazy.

    our differing opinio is what makes markets.

    My thinking is just to isolate a catalyst and Amazon may just have one.

  5. fred wilson says:

    mark my words, the kindle will sit right next to my apple newton in my collection of failed gadgets. it’s stupid and ugly.

    amazon is doing some great stuff (ec2 and s3) but kindle is not one of them.


  6. Howard Lindzon says:

    i love my newton and this post is about our culture boom – the amazon post was hours ago :)

    i have not revceived my kindle yet, but it’s no newton.

  7. ivanhoff says:

    I have to admit that you might be right about Kindle being a potential catalyst for AMZN. I still believe that it won’t revolutionize the American life style. The reality is that Kindle is one of the best sellers this season. Last time I checked, Amazon were out of stock. With a retail price of $400, margins must be sweet. That might boost nicely the following 2 quarters’ bottom line.

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