People Suck….And Do The Right Thing

Yesterday we had a touch of drama in the household.

My daughter Rachel backed into a car while parking near school. It was really early in the morning and Rachel had to get on a school bus for a day trip to Disneyland for graduation. There was no damage to her car so she took a picture of the other car and left a long note on the circumstances. She left her phone number and insurance information.

She did the right thing!

Of course the owner of the car called the cops and had the car towed saying the car was broken as the steering wheel column had shifted. In other words..he/she smells a payday. Rachel is getting her first big lesson in ‘the system’.

I have explained to Rachel over the years that the system is flawed but over a lifetime of doing the right things and moving forward it all works itself out. I told her she’s probably paying for one of my sarcastic tweets. In this case, let the insurance companies beat each other up because that is how the system works. I told her I would have only been mad to have the police showing up at my door because she had hit a car and run.

A good life lesson that won’t cost too much I hope. I am so proud of the way she carries herself.