Permaoptimistic and Why Investing Matters

Michael had this great investing post today about how little it takes to make a difference.

My friend Josh is out of the closet today as a proud permabull. He opens with:

It’s become fashionable in the age of social media to derisively sneer at our fellow investors who are too optimistic and refer to them as “permabulls.” This sort of thing earns us intellectual style points – points which can be accumulated and redeemed to be spent precisely nowhere.

In the meanwhile, we sometimes forget that the greatest investors in history were permabulls. One hundred years ago, J.P. Morgan said that “the man who is a bear on the future of the United States will always go broke.

The timing is great because of Berkshire Hathaway’s annual letter. I plan on reading it tomorrow on my flight to NYC.

The corner of the world that keeps me motivated, sane and employed is being permaoptimistic. I moved west towards the sun and warmth many decades ago to find my permaoptimistic self. I take my chemicals seriously which has helped as well. Over the years, I have moved most of my time and energy to early stage angel investing and teaching, nudging, urging other people to invest.

I am lucky I get to invest. I might as well be permaoptimistic.

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