Pets…They Pee in Your House So You Might as Well Profit…Neogen (NEOG) on Wallstrip

Oh sure…we have covered Neogen (NEOG) on NakedPutz, but this stock and industry is very Wallstrip worthy and today’s show is hysterical.

We all know I love my dog. The pet industry is on fire. Germans love animals more than people and goddamn if we don’t too.

According to Mark Penn, author of a recent favorite read Microtrends , the top 1 percent of of pets live better than 99 percent of the world’s population. You can find studies that say pets lower blood pressure, reduce stress (I would say if they pee in your house, they may cause it), reduce heart disease and ward off depression.

Approximately 63 percent of American households have pets up from 56 percent in 1988. That’s 44 million households with at least one dog and and 38 million hoesholds with at least one cat. If you add birds, snakes, fish, pet owning hoseholds is double that of households with kids. I like those numbers for my investment purposes.

In 2006, Americans spent almost $40 billion on their pets up from $17 billion in the early 1990’s – making pet spending one of the top ten retail segments in the United States. In 2006, Americans spent over $9 billion on over-the-counter medical treatments and supplies for our pets. What caught my eye most is that pets are living threw and four times longer than they did 30 years ago so vets used to handling rabies, now are faced with managing obesity, kidney failure and heart issues. Forget pet toys, pet health insurance is on a steep increase.

Indirectly, even the car manufacturers are getting in on the trend. Honda is making pet friendly vehicles with the introduction of “The Wow”.

Google may have started a trend with pets at work. As they live longer and we therefore become more attached, look for this trend to continue.

“Sick as a Dog” is now music to the ears of investors. Those in on this trend have profired handsomely the last few years on pet stocks.

VCA Antech is a long time trend winner that we have covered on Wallstrip . VCA Antech is the leading provider of pet health care services in the country with a nationwide clinical laboratory system and over 435 free-standing animal hospitals. Abaxis (Veterinary Diagnostics) and Neogen are two other worthy trend stocks in the pet industry. ne of my readers just pointed out MWIV as a worthy company and strong stock in the pet product distribution business.

For fun you can also go check out the Facebook of Dogs at where you and your pet can network and make friends. Of course there is for you cat lovers. Rabid pet owners could clue you in on niche products or undiscovered gems.

Finally, Brian describes in detail the technical pricing picture:

Disclosure – Long NEOG


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