Phoenix Suns win 15th straight – wow.

They are getting better, but by no means peaking early. I stand by my witty, well written prediction after Game One of the season (they were clocked by the Lakers).

Suns will win it going away. They are destroying teams in the East.

The West…Dallas and San Antonio – Ya right! Dallas has two headcases and Duncan turns 70 for the playoffs this year :) .

Disclaimer – If Nash and Stoudemire are not healthy I of course have no chance of being right and will eat major crow for you all.


  1. Fraser says:

    My money’s on Colangelo finalizing his plan of transforming the Raptor’s into an all-white, all-europe squad by the trading deadline and marching their way through the playoffs.

  2. Andy says:

    Fraser—say it ain’t so! Damn Europeans and their silly concepts of good ball-handling and shooting. Takin’ over the game I tell ya.

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