Pin The Tariff on The Consumer

Before I get started…here is the correct Seinfeld interview link on my blog from yesterday.

I’ve now heard it in a few places that more adult diapers than baby diapers have been sold in 2019. Sigh.

I am not sure what to make of this messy statistic other than this is probably good for Amazon and probably bad for consumer spending overall.

Yesterday, Tariff Man was at it again. In a flippening, the donkey pinned the tail on the party guests (that being the American consumer, retailers and consumer brands like Nike and Apple). Have a look at the rapid carnage to the stocks.

Tariffs may affect how we shop, but they might not affect how we ‘Pin’. Pinterest is my wife Ellen’s favorite new stock idea. I think it is her first stock idea since Facebook a couple years ago. She loves Pinterest. Have you bought any Pinterest Howard? Is it in your 8 to 80 list Howard?


I was happy to tell her yesterday that Pinterest ($PINS) was up 10 percent after earnings. Ellen is two for two this year and is leaning in to Spotify where she killed 6 hours on podcasts while driving from Phoenix to Coronado yesterday. Her podcast of choice yesterday was ‘The Passionate Few‘ series. Max is going to be hounded for day…

Ellen was late to the Facebook and Pinterest craze (as a user), but early to the podcast craze as it rolls out across Spotify. I bought some Spotify for the kids yesterday and she approved.