Ping Pong…LindzonPalooza East Coast – Game ON!

Lot’s of great feedback from my idea for a Ping Pong battle for internet bragging rights.

I will hopefully have Wallstrip there covering it in New York and a few relevant stock ideas (Biotechs and Ping Pong stock ideas welcome)

It will be on the weekend of the 13th of September on the upper WEST side so comment below if you want to get put in the 64 person bracket.

Food, Drinks and Location are being organized by BUDDY MEDIA . The top 5 all-time cereals will be in major supply – Alphabets, Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles, Captain Crunch and Appple Jacks. No one will be without a sugar high at LindzonPalooza EAST.

Tons of prizes including the latest stuff from SpiritualGangster . Working on more prizes later this week.

I highly doubt that anyone who reads this blog will get 10 points on me. Let the sidebets begin.