Poker gets its ASS kicked by Congress – Is Sports Batteing Next?

I admit I am not a big fan of fat guys playing poker with ugly chicks. Not entertaining in the least.

Sponsored by Lay’s potato chips and Elestra and Toilet Paper companies – even the commercials suck.

But US Congress laid another bonehead law into place today, punishing the leaders in the space. Spineless twits.

Bloomberg has the story .

Poker is definately the hottest trend – IN THE WORLD. Congress won’t stop this machine that’s what makes it even more ridiculous. I am with the Tech Dirt guys on this one all the way.

This reeks of payoffs and the usual Washington crap. I expect the US casinos to benefit the most from this.

Even though I have finally eaten, I am more pissed than ever.

I will definately be checking out the trading action in these stocks in the coming days.

SEVEN BILLION was wiped out of the two leaders – Party Gaming and Sportingbet in after hours trading. Yowza.

Here are the top sports betting companies that should be next in line for Congress’ ire .

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  1. Mr Angry says:

    I’ve read a bit on this one – it was bought and paid for by Vegas and Indian gaming interests. Looks like they’re joining the failing entertainment conglomerates in the doomed to fail plan: legislate your competition out of existence.

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