I love today’s Wallstrip PORK episode.

Let’s face it – “Porky” the Pig was the best Looney Tunes Character.


PORK the meat and PORK the stock are in vogue. KRAMER (Michael Richards) as Pork’s SPONSOR is the only guy alive who could kill “The other WHITE meat” right now.

Atkins is (woops – was) a believer.

Jews eat it (I do). I eat it on paper plates and abide by no milk. I will come clean – Bacon and Lobster are my two favorites. The no milk thing is easy. That’s just gross in any religion.

So why is PORK the stock at all-time highs? From what I gather from Lindsay, pigs look pretty easy to keep happy. They are pigs.

These dudes at Standard Farms are selling every last scrap of their pigs. Good margins, an efficient business and a slow, easy to keep, happy go lucky prey.

Disclosure – A little boring for me, but looks like a winner – no position. Here is what the Wallstrippers have to say.

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  1. Andy says:

    My in-laws always fix “turkey bacon”. It boggles the mind. Would be so much better if they just said “we don’t eat bacon because it’s not healthy”….instead of trying to pretend that they do with potentially the worst substitute product in the history of the world.

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