Portfolio Companies In The News – 1upHealth and Rally Rd

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Another day, another ridiculous idea by a social network to act like they care about news and misinformation. Today it was Twitter…

To which I joked…’This is bad news for CNBC’.


Congratulations to Social Leverage portfolio company 1uphealth for raising $8 million in a series A investment. We are seed investors and continued to participate in the round. My partner Gary has led the investment for us. A quick explanation on what the company does:

1upHelath jumped early on the FHIR® regulations, which we believe is the future of healthcare standards. Our company rapidly established itself as a leader in the interoperability space making it easier for others to access and share data. Since 2019, we have tripled our hospital system connectivity, connecting to over 10,000 health facilities in the US, which expanded our capability to access over 90% of the patient population to date.

1upHealth is built entirely on FHIR® and is focused on helping bridge the gap between patient centered data and provider needs, thus creating a FHIR® API platform for patients to aggregate and share medical data from external health systems and wearable devices with their providers, enabling improved healthcare outcomes and lower costs. Our goal is to make it easier for any developer, provider, or payer to integrate electronic health records (EHRs) into various applications.

Having recently been in the hospital twice via emergency rooms and trying to gather my data for doctors outside the hospital network, this could not be happening sooner.

Next up…

Today on Rally Rd, a Babe Ruth baseball card goes on sale:

Also on Rally Rd, the company announced an exclusive relationship with Prive Porter and some rare Birkin Bags. My daughter Rachel helped put together the first Birkin Bag IPO for Rally Rd as an intern this summer and she gets some proper shoutouts from Prive founder and Rob at Rally Rd in this Bloomberg interview that explains the mechanics of the sale and the aura of the Birkin bags. It is worth a watch/listen.

Finally…I can’t NOT talk about the markets which continue to be a party. Charlie has the hot take with this one chart…a chart of the 30 year treasury hitting all-time lows.

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