Portfolio Company Update…GolfNow, Adaptive Blue and BlogTalkRadio

It was a big week for many of our portfolio companies.

At GolfNow , the Hawaii and Mexico integration has been awesome. You can click on the map for tee times all over Hawaii or go to TeeTimesHawaii directly. We now have the largest inventory of courses and inventory to choose from in those areas.

We also have a big tee time partner in the UK. Today’s Golfer is a huge magazine in the golf crazed UK and they have licensed our software to sell tee times to those tea drinking people. There are over 900 courses to come on board. To put it in perspective, California is our biggest market today with 400 courses so obviously a great opportunity. Congrats guys.

Alex keeps cranking out the widgets and smart links at Adaptive Blue. First a revamped homepage .
They also now support Movie Stars and Music Artists in both organizer and SmartLinks .

Most importantly for bloggers and potential income through affiliations, SmartLink Feeds are now all viral, JavaScript and Flash widgets . They are currently supporting and weekly updating 8 feeds so go check them out and spread the word. Make a little money as well from the best of lists.

The BlogTalkRadio team has been on fire as well. Thousand’s of new hosts have been signing up and politics seems to be the hottest category . I loved BlogTalk from the minute The Fly linked me to it. It’s live voice blogging and they have a twitter app as well. Talk Radio will ALWAYS be a big market and BTR has a global opportunity to get people heard. BTR had a big voice in getting the CBS show ‘Jericho’ back on the air .

Have a great weekend everybody.


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