Post Alt Fact World

It’s good to be back in the post fact world of the United States.

There will be more straight talk on a bank quarterly earnings call than from the White House.

I will focus on doing a lot less talking for a few weeks just trying to listen and read the tape and follow some big earnings calls.

It’s a big week for tech stocks earnings with Microsoft and Google reporting.

I am also excited to track down a pair of the AirPods from Apple. I am hearing from a lot of tech CEO’s that the phone call is fun again. The W1 chip is supposedly magic and help explains the all-time highs in semiconductor stocks. It’s not hurting that Google machines are eating google machines. Read this piece to thoroughly confuse you.

I feel bad for anyone glued to the news. It is without a doubt a pathetic time to drudge through the garbage laid out by this administration.

I hope Trump does not get rid of his business ties so that we set a new precedent and possibly a true business leader with a heart and soul gets voted into the office in 4 years.

In the meantime, I’m taking more drastic steps to get back control of my attention. I have taken all news and social apps off my iPhone save Stocktwits and Instagram.

Have a good week.

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