Today I was thinking about power as I drift in this wonderful Tuscan pool. 

When I think of power I think of Scarface. The first time I saw it I was blown away. I think I’ve watched it or parts of the movie hundreds of times. That’s not including GIF’s …for you millennials reading this. I loved Tony Montana but I knew I don’t want to be Tony Montana. 

I read this piece on the Atlantic titled ‘Power Causes Braindamage‘ and it rang true. 

Technology and demographics are creating tectonic power shifts right now. 

While the financial world incumbents talk about the death of IPO’s, hundreds of millions of dollars (shortly billions) are being raised by ICO’s.  The power struggles have not even started yet. 

In the sports fantasy world it’s DraftKings and Fanduel against the US Government. 

Uber went from 0 to $70 billion in 7 years.  Bigger than FedEx. Tonight they don’t have a CEO. I don’t know Travis but talk about a power struggle. 

Im ok with not chasing, worrying about or having power. You can have a great life without it. 

This recent post from Morgan Housel brought it home for me as I drift, ride, eat, write and rejuvenate in Tuscany :

‘Eat well, get some excersise and live below your means. You’ll eliminate 90 percent of the problems people fall into.’

Have a great day.