PPG Industries (PPG)…borning but GOOD

I am adding some PPG tomorrow. Take a look at how boring this company is .

Here is the lifetime chart . This is a serious breakout. A lot of the chemical stocks are at or near all-time highs.

This market remains rotational and juicy if you want all-time highs. Just keep an open mind and ease in.


  1. maximo zeledon says:

    Hey Howard!

    PPG is an interesting company. Actually I’m looking at the entire alternative energy sector. Here is the thing though and you might be aware of this already but glass fiber is being replaced by carbon fiber and Zoltec is becoming a big player as a supplier of carbon fiber materials. I’m actually going to Europe (Hungary) this summer to take a look at their carbon fiber plant. Thay are selling to Vestas Wind Systems of Denmark and Gamesa Eolina of Spain which are the biggest players in the wind turbines market. I love this alternative energy sector and green stocks in general. I’m working on a website right now http://www.myagito.com which will profile up-and-coming as well as established players. Anyway, just wanted to share on your excitement for PPG.

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