Praying For a Poop

I have missed a few days on the blog, the first time in years.

On Thursday evening I was having terrible stomach pains and Ellen had to drive me to the emergency room.

The doctor took x-rays and said I had a bowel obstruction and they took me off to a sister hospital for tests after giving me some morphine.

After a long evening of pain, I was told the best way to deal with the blockage – non-surgery – was to wait it out and see if the bowels would unlock and relax enough for me to go to the bathroom on my own.

In the meantime, they would stick a tube through my nose down to my stomach and begin to drain everything out.

It is now Sunday morning and nothing has changed. This could go on for a week before they try to do a surgery.

I have not had something to eat since lunch on Thursday as I have been trapped in a bed with tubes. I am not hungry (that has to be tied to my stomach problems persisting), but I am extremely thirsty and craving a soda or gatorade. I am not allowed any fluids other than the saltwater IV they have been feeding me.

I am not in a writing mood.

As always, being in a hospital gives you a lot of perspective.

It could be a lot worse.

Praying for a poop.