Stocktwits Welcomes Premium Ditto Trade Profiles…Deeper and Lighter Social Investing

I get into the meat of this new partnership below, but on a personal level, as someone who loves the social web, trend investing, the mobile web and social leverage it is cool to see more innovation in social investing. With today’s Stocktwits/DittoTrade rollout, I can invest quickly with/alongside lead traders/investors (as many as I like), follow along in real-time on my smartphone and get statements just like any brokerage account. I have invested in many hedge funds and managed accounts over the years and will continue to do so, but now I can invest with lead investors/traders who might not want to or be able to manage a fund. Thousands of great investors have family members or friends who want to follow them in real-time and these investors have never had a platform to make this happen for both sides in as light and mobile a manner. It’s very interesting and cool.

My friend Brian Lund is a co-founder at DittoTrade and someone who loves stocks and markets and sharing on the subjects as much as me. He and I will help as many of you that want get started as lead investors or as followers. I am starting out with $50,000 from my hedge fund with 5 lead traders this month and will obviously be following up here and on the streams over the months ahead.

More formally on the deal from Phil Pearlman and how we did this first integration:

Keith Kern's Profile
Keith Kern’s (@stt2318) profile identifying him as a Lead Trader on Ditto Trade

This morning, StockTwits is pleased to announce an agreement with Ditto Trade that allows our members, who offer their trading or alerts services through Ditto Trade, to display a Premium Ditto Trade Profile.

The new premium profile lets StockTwits members know who offers the Ditto Trade service and to sign up for the real-time trades or alerts services directly from StockTwits.

Paul M. Simons, CEO of Ditto Trade had this to say about the agreement,

Our agreement with StockTwits is consistent with our vision to provide individual investors unprecedented access to actionable ideas from experienced traders and investors and the ability to efficiently act on them in real time.

The Ditto Trade agreement is great for StockTwits members because it allows them to find and follow investors and traders who put ideas out on the StockTwits stream everyday and to observe their trading styles as they choose to subscribe to Ditto Trade Lead Traders.

It also allows select StockTwits members to monetize their social capital!

If you are interested in promoting your Ditto Trade service on your StockTwits Profile, click HERE.

Thus far, 5 Ditto Trade Lead Traders have the Premium Ditto Trade Profiles, including:

Keith Kern

Marc Mandel

Steve Gomez

Charles Sizemore

Ryan Mallory

If you are interested in subscribing to one of the above’s Ditto Trade services, check them out on the stream!




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