Prime Movers

I love this post from Mike Maples on Alex Honnold the free-solo climber and ‘prime movers’:

A free-solo climb is as extreme as you can get when it comes to mountain-climbing.

-No ropes.

-No nothing.

-3,000 feet straight up.

-You slip and fall…

-You die.

In my opinion, this is the greatest athletic achievement in the history of humanity. Bigger than anything by Babe Ruth/Ty Cobb/Hank Aaron; than Michael Jordan/Magic Johnson/Larry Bird; than Tom Brady/Joe Montana; or even Pele/Messi/Ronaldo. And as good as Steph Curry is at shooting baskets from Mars, this is a one-time life-or-death three thousand point shot.

Mike is a great venture investor and knows a lot about backing what he calls prime movers.

I am in the business of discovering ‘prime movers’ myself, but I don’t have to risk my life. I have flown solo-coach in United, but it’s nothing like this video of Alex. It literally makes you gasp:


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