Proctor & Gamble – "You Look Mahvelous"

One of my favorite shows today over at Wallstrip. Great stock, good report, funny and really captures a strategy that P&G worked hard to execute despite it’s old stodgy reputation.

P&G does not have a complicated lifetime stock chart execpt for February 2000.

Obviously it was the great “shaving infection scare of 2000”? :)

I would appreciate if someone would remind me of those long ago days, but today that giant blip is a distant memory.

P&G is a consumer staple company that has delivered the goods for so long, that no one strategy of owning or trading matters much.

Actually, buying 10, even 20 percent dips of a great brand like P&G has surely been the best strategy. Owning it and doing nothing has been a perfect strategy as well, especially factoring in the sweet dividends.

The stock should be owned for those investors that want exposure to the inside of a grocery store and pharmacy.

Wars, inflation, presidents and competition have done little to alter the eventual upwards course of this American legendary public Company.

Disclosure – I have no excuse but am not long Proctor & Gamble.


  1. Mike says:

    Always a mainstay – good products that peaple NEED in good times and bad.

    And as Eddie says “…smart/simple.

  2. Tom says:

    Plus, they’re always in the movie ratings. Everything is rated PG now! Ok, that was a bad joke, I admit it!

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