Profit from Spanktravision and Strip Clubs…Finally

What can I say…It is on my mind the last 24 hours after watching David Spade alone in his hotel room in Tommy Boy.

Porn as an investment is GOLD.

The Nasdaq has two illicit investment plays that I am going to be adding to my portfolio – Lodgenet (LNET) and Ricks’s Cabaret (RICK). While in New York I chatted with a Wallstrip friend Phil who brought Rick’s to my attention. Until I lose money – thanks Phil. In that vein, I am reminded of the great line by Matt Dillon in “The Flamingo Kid” – ‘Gin Phil’ :) .

Here are their respective lifetime charts – LNET and RICK .

Volume is SWELLING in both (sorry how can you resist :) ).

Go do your own research now and please chime in with your favorite Spanktravision story or illicit investment idea.


  1. Mark says:

    This just in: (Ball-breaking news)
    Private Media Group will bring porn to German tv as a three way:
    Broadband, television and Video on Demand.
    Chart reflects the up and down of this industry.

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