on Wallstrip…Will you Lend?

Lot’s of opinions as to whether will be a long-run success. Today, Chris Larsen the CEO, founder of e-loans as well, tells us why it will. The New York Times has called it the ‘Ebay’ of loans .

Here is the bearish case . Some great points made. To be fair, here is the bullish case by the same author .

Me…I am more bullish on the idea. If Capital One can do it, why can’t the free market succeed. In the UK, has had a one year head start on Proper and is said to be doing quite well which bodes well for the more aggressive United States.

Best way to learn is watch and follow someone else’s trailblazing .

My friend Andy Swan on is also an addicted lender. Here are his trials and tribulations on 10 small loans .

Overall, a cool way to participate in capitalism with loose checking account cash if you ask me.

PS – Try out as well for microlending if you like the whole concept. Seems like a great way to give back if you can’t do the time!

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