Pssssst…Meet me at RICK's Cabaret (RICK)

First…Thanks Nick Fenton for spotting this idea for me.

It’s obvious that a lot of men (and women) are uttering my title.

As I have always said on this blog, there is NEVER a bear market in porn.

That said, with the tremendous volume and 50 percent run the last few weeks, I am lightening my load (no pun intended).

Disclosure – Long RICK


  1. Howard Isn't Bright! says:

    You sell a stock at all time highs just as it recently broke out? Do yu have a clue what a trend is? Howie you’re the single worst trend trader I have ever seen.

  2. James Kim says:

    Hi Howard,

    Always enjoy your inputs on the market

    Thank you for your post on RICK. After careful analysis or more in the realization of [sex=positive cashflow], I decided to go with it 2 days ago, and I plan on riding this stock for few weeks atleast. I agree with lightening the load after 50% gain, especially for a small cap stock. Volatility should be the main concern here

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