Putting RICK's Cabaret on Hold for Tech…Apple Specifically

I don’t write much about Apple anymore. I just read this Microsoft Shakes post and it got me thinking about Apple long-terms prospects again.

It’s time to catch up. There is no way iPod sales growth has not slowed. I think their stock has survived so far pretty well considering the momentum break. When I sold at $140 on the way down, gun to me head I would have thought the stock would have done much worse before rallying.

I have caught a nice run when I boght some back against my rules and although I sold some stock last week at $139 ish, I am pretty bullish.

I am most bullish because of time and circumstance. Based on the basic market mauling, it should be lower. I mean it’s expensive.

They have held $140 because they are growing and institutions will still pay up for growth. The iPhone is just growing on it’s users and 3G, although not shipping, in stock market terms really is. I have the little AIR and it gets better. Not for everyone for sure, but it’s a winner.

The retail story is unfreakingbreakable. If it had a flaw, it would have shown itself by now.

If they just keep keeping on, I think we eventually get this .

If they screw up, at least they only have to compete against Microhoo. They just keep killing themselves.