Quidel on Wallstrip

WTF. Who? What?

A little speculation is always ok, but I always pass on Biotech when given a choice. There is always a choice.

Smooth Trends are hard to find in this space. Quidel is no different, but panic and anxiety intrigue me and this stock was recently at an all-time high. Here is a lifetime chart. I am intrigued that its highs have always been higher and lows lower. They have been around a long time and have sales of over $100 million.

Lindsay does a good job as usual on the street. I cracked up at the dog squatting and peeing in the background and “Da Pola Bears!”

It has been on my watchlist. Like an old boring blanket I guess. Now the company is famous because of Wallstrip!

Here is what Brian has to say on the technicals:

What do you think?