Quiet Time

I enjoy my quiet time.

I did not know what that meant until Ellen and I moved to Coronado after the financial crisis in 2009.

Phoenix was a mess of broken real estate dreams and I wanted no part of the misery.

When we moved to Coronado I was surrounded by peace and quiet.

A few years ago I got back into cycling and the benefit beyond the physical part has been the hours of peace and quiet while I ride. I always come back from my rides thinking clearly and standing straighter.

Back in 2010 our friend Brad and Amy Feld invited us for some quiet time in Tuscany. We had never been so we said sure.

Flash forward to today and Ellen and I continue to come back to the same place each year to spend time at Agriturismo Casetta and our friend Xenia who owns and operates the place.

The combination of peace and quiet, quiet time with Ellen, inviting friends (we usually book all five rooms), the best food and the fantastic, countless farm roads and hills has made it my home away from home. The home is just 30 minutes from Florence and an hour from the sea so there is truly something for everyone.

Here is a great shot of Xenia’s Casetta from a side road I rarely take on my bike…

Xenia built this simple outside deck a few years back that I use as my workspace for 3-4 hours a day…

I am lucky I get to do the job I love every day which means I can do my job from places like Tuscany.