Rachel is BUYING Google

Rachel asked me to buy her some more Google this morning in the $440’s. Actually, she texted me and I twitterd it. She does not know yet that her stupid day paid $490 something for her a few weeks ago and did not sell at $530.

She must be watching CNBC while getting dressed for school. She obviously sensed a little hysteria.

I hate her for sneaking on to CNBC, but I am proud of my little Tradding Goddess for nailing a little bottom.

Google is not CMGI. I do think it has a $300 handle on it before it starts going up for real, but I don’t trust opinions, just price.

My fave response to my Twitter Question of what moniker to give Rachel is ‘Lindzon 2.0’, from Mathew Ingram .

Other CLEAN suggestions are welcome. She does read the blog and has feelings :) .