Rally Rd

I rarely write about a company or product two posts in a row, but Rally Rd breaks the mold today. They are a special company with dynamic founders and a creative team.

Yesterday morning my partner Gary and I attended the Rally Rd board meeting in SOHO, NY.

The Board meeting went well and the team took us to their new store – at 250 Lafayette in SOHO – for a sneak peak of their new store (it opens to the public today at 1pm).

Rally Rd is an app where you can invest in million dollar works of automotive art (along with a bunch of other asset classes coming soon). ‘The Store’ is their showroom where they display the most interesting of these investments.

Long story short, co-founder and product and marketing lead Rob Petrozzo have done a spectacular job leading the launch of a fast growing app and now a physical store to drive the brand and growth.

Last night, Social Leverage held a small party for friends and partners at the new store. The rare Lamborghini Countach (Countach means wow!) in the pictures below will IPO today and should sell out very quickly at $127/share.

You will have to see the store for yourself to appreciate the vision of the brand and the team, but here are some pictures…

This is Rob:

The store will hold 20 people at a time:

Go Rally Go.

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