Rally Road

Meet Social Leverage portfolio company Rally Road.

I was introduced to the founders Chris, Rob and Max a while back and we immediately hit it off regarding the product and vision. I love the idea of an asset class being flipped on it’s head by technology and distribution to allow millions of people access. Previous investments we have made to express this view include Robinhood, Etoro, Stocktwits, Chart IQ, Crowdability, Sparkfin, Apple Pie Capital and Produce Pay.

I will use Rally Road’s own words here regarding the vision and mission:

The Intersection of People, Passion, & Profit

Rally Rd. is a free app that allows members to invest in individual blue-chip collector automobiles with ease. The vehicles on Rally Rd. represent an asset class that has historically outperformed the stock market as well as other alternative asset classes (including gold, fine art, and real estate).

Our mission is to democratize alternative investments like these, providing access, liquidity, and transparency to markets that have traditionally only been available to a select few.

Each asset on Rally Rd. is vetted by a team of industry experts, acquired, insured, and professionally maintained & monitored 24/7. We create a story around each investment, including photos, videos, records & receipts, and provenance. Like what you see? Invest in that specific vehicle with one click. Shares start at around $50. It’s that simple!

Christopher Bruno does a great job with Maria Bartiromo in this interview explaining the app and the process.

This Monday, the Company will be showcasing a few of the cars in a ‘pop up store’ in SOHO at 40 Wooster. I plan to be there all afternoon.

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