Random Sport Thoughts….Nike and The Phoenix Suns

Freaking Nike just keeps doing it. They get internet viral video already. Amazing company for it’s size.

I found these ads farting around over at golfnow.tv. Tiger Woods swing is a thing of beauty. It’s physics, meets poetry, meets balance, meet artwork, meets energy….

The Nike Juice campaign for their new ball is great as well.

My Phoenix Sun’s are getting better as the season goes on. They had 76 points at the half. Amare had 42 tonight and they are on a 10-game winning streak. Not bad since it immediately follows a 15 game winning streak.

Life is good if you own Nike stock (I do) and you are a Phoenix Sun’s fan (I am).

Disclosure – Long Nike and Phoenix Suns (season tickets)


  1. Fraser says:

    Long Phoenix (a fan, without season tickets).

    It will be hard for Phoenix though when Nash returns to Canada to play out his career on the Raptors.

  2. Andy says:

    Tiger is unreal no doubt….but after watching the exploding jar of mayo I realized that even my hack of a swing would look pretty cool with super-high-def-slo-mo camera work like that.

    Amazing stuff.

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