Ratfarts! The talk of the day at YouTube and other video distribution sites.

UPDATE 2 – Adam Kalsey has some interesting insight disagreeing with Fred and making me look hasty for posting . It is a good read and if correct, would be par for the course as it pertains to networks. We will see.

So NBC gets it right. They had to change their name to NBBC to get it. Even that is smart though. If YouTube was a public company, the stock would gap down today and if not, I would be trading it from the short side.

As I commented over at Fred’s site – “They finally got hold of the GOOD weed”.

Here is the post with all the good links from Fred . As Fred points out – This is the future of media:

1 – Microchunk it – Reduce the content to its simplest form.
2 – Free it – Put it out there without walls around it or strings on it.
3 – Syndicate it – Let anyone take it and run with it.
4 – Monetize it – Put the monetization and tracking systems into the microchunk.

NBBC follows each and every rule. And so I am going to get a NBBC player and start running The Office or SNL on my blog and getting paid by NBBC to do that.

Wow. This is truly Web 4.48 stuff.

UPDATE – Fred tells me that they aren’t just letting any content in – so that is a big question mark. Still very big news.


  1. BDG123 says:

    Those guys better dump YouTube before the VCs finally realize it is a repeat of internet mania. I love YouTube but I surely don’t buy this hogwash about being able to generate these large revenue streams or that it has any long term impact in its current form.

    Howard, why don’t you offer them a few hundred mils? Btw, got any more of that GOOD weed? I’ll fly out and share some with you. Old line media will ultimately get in the game and likely kick the sh8t out of much of these dweezers.

  2. Chartreuse says:

    It seems the big boys have figured it out enough to make the game interesting.

    But I wouldn’t count YouTube out just yet…

  3. Mr Angry says:

    I think a lot of people are underestimating YT’s ability to generate revenue. Letting commercial entities “test” advertising and entertainment ideas with such a large audience is extremely valuable. How much money do companies waste on market research every year? This is potentially the best marketing test lab in history.

    YT may yet turn some major coin but I, for one, would be surprised if their ultimate model revolves around ads embedded in videos.

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