Read Strategists not Analysts and Punch a Banker Again

The old financial media is burying the public in ‘quants did this….’ right now. Here is Josh Brown with a masterful piece pulling a lot of the pieces together.

The quants have been coming for decades. What’s relatively new are great strategists that share ideas for free each and every day.

On this blog, I consider Fred Wilson and his USV blog that his partners post to, Josh Brown (financial advisors), Ben Thompson, and Scott Galloway as strategists worth reading each day.

Strategists think bigger picture. They may not know how the next quarter for Amazon will be received, but their own livelihoods and those of their LP’s and readers may be on the line if they are wrong.

Yesterday, Amazon (I am long) bought Whole Foods.

Scott Galloway, who I read and share on this blog recently posted why this was going to happen. Here is another piece with his recent take.

As for why Amazon has been such a beast the last four years and more importantly why it should continue to be…I have urged people to read Ben Thompson each morning (inexpensive subscription). Take a read of this piece from 2016 called ‘The Amazon Tax‘. I just read it again.

Trading is a fantastic part of my life. I think people can and should learn to trade and follow the markets. The machines are creating opportunities for millions of people to trade with and against them in whole new ways. Trading is just not something I love to do on a day to day basis anymore. I believe that the machines will have a much harder time disrupting the Ben Thompson’s and Josh Brown’s of the world as well as the strategies I deploy from reading great strategists.

PS – this made me laugh out loud re the Amazon acquisition and robots:

PSS – How about all those analysts and bankers that were pushing $uber on people at $70 billion 18 months ago, or the analyst Snapchat strong buys at $28 a few months back.

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