Real Networks – Maybe for REAL.

I am adding to RNWK today if we close at the highs on the stock – above $11.05.

I have owned this the past few months and it looks very strong and they seem to be gaining music traction.

Any thoughts on the business model and status are appreciated.

UPDATE – stock closed just under 52-week hign and may enter more shares tomorrow.

Brian at has a detailed analysis of the stock . It is not something I am basing my decision on, but may be a piece in the puzzle explaining the rise in real Networks. Very good job indeed!


  1. Eddie Daroza says:

    Do you know anyone who uses real player? I sure don’t. But I really don’t know anything about the biz. I am really interested in the upcoming Divx IPO. Any thoughts?

  2. Eddie Daroza says:

    Think of divx as the firefox of mediaplayers. The company is run by a bunch of technonerds who have dedicated their lives to video compression and such. I am a video journalist and I use divx occasionally for their compression tech. As an investment, I really want to learn more about the business, but I know they make a great product.

  3. candice says:

    It is also the codec that the kids use. The mp3 format for video. Often has legally questionable uses. In plugin form in whatever the hell media player you feel like. Even works in winamp.

    My file library is pretty small, probably under 10gb, but I have friends who are constantly buying hard drives to store more television on. (Think archives of the ENTIRE RUN of the simpsons, and stuff like that.)

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