Reality Bites!

Today is final tax return day!

We are about to get a VERY new government.

In the investing environment we have entered, stock gains will be harder earned than ever.

In the start-up world, things will just be tougher, whether you believe the hype or not. Best to just be prepared for it.

The next up cycle will be fueled by less leverage and just will not be as wild.

In reality, no one knows where the next big cycle is coming from, so don’t by the hype. The reality is that you don’t need to know right now in order to make money from it.

RIMM (blackberry) is pretty cooked. Who cares about the multitude of reasons. The STOCK has seen it’s best days.

Apple too has likely seen it’s best stock price in many years. The company remains fantastic, but it is fallible as it it’s fearless leader .

Here are a couple of Videos I did on TechTicker with Henry Blodget and Aaron Task that go to some of the points above.

Use your time now to focus on your business and customers.