RealVisionTV …Incredible Product and Offer

My friends and Stocktwits partners at RealVisionTV have another incredible offer.


Raoul Pal, the founder, wants to change things in the financial industry and not just for big hedge funds. He is willing to laugh at himself and his former employer Goldman Sachs of whom he says his best day was …’the day he left’.

RealVision TV is now over a year old and already has subscribers in 127 countries around the world.

Why is this a tremendous value right now?

You get longform financial and market discussions with successful investors and you get it on demand.

Raoul has incredible access to the best investors and is always available on Stocktwits and Twitter.

I truly believe you will make money off the content.

Here are three great examples (click to watch) of RealVisionTV work:

Mark Hart nails the Yuan Devaluation months before it happened and offers tremendous money management insights.

Jeff Gundlach is an incredible hedge fund manager on here he discusses his investing and thought processes.

Finally, here are some of their best clips.