Relentless Pace of Change in Ecommerce and Streaming Content

The markets barely budged this week, but so much is happening it is hard to keep up.

Walmart has been really busy trying to keep up globally with Amazon. Tonight they are buying 51 percent of India’s FlipKart.

Bed Bath and Beyond (more like Bed Bath and Begone) is teetering under the pressure from Amazon and Walmart. Here is a price chart for the last year:

The most exciting space to watch next to ecommerce is streaming content.

Netflix is making everyone bend to them.

Today it is Comcast buckling to offer Netflix in their TV bundle which will include them handling all the billing.

This is likely a smart move for Comcast to keep middle America from cord cutting…but Netflix continues to be the big winner.

Disney finally released an ESPN streaming product. They need to get their Disney branded service launched ASAP.

All that mall time that Amazon put back in American hands has really been great for Netflix! Amazon Studios has a lot to say about that as well.

I continue to make spare time for great content. I think the rest of the world will as well.

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