REMINDER – IT's A Prefect Time to Do a Start-up

Since I started this blog I have had the mantra that it is ALWAYS a good time to start a business. Never more so than today. The start-up costs are cheaper and your markets are deeper and wider than ever. I was eating world class sushi in Bracebridge, Ontario last night.

If you can’t get excited about Greg Norman in the lead at the British Open, you are his ex-wife.

If you can’t get excited about leaving your dead end banking or engineering job, than you may surf the web, but you don’t get the web.

Take a good read of Y Combinator’s (Paul Graham’s) list of ideas that he would like to fund and go to work . If his line is busy, call your mom for the 10k it will cost for a few apple laptops and 2 months of redbull.

Get creative and chase your passion.

Quit whining about the stock market and the politics.

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