RenRen, Wiebo, PeePee, PooPoo…Oy Vey!

I admit, silly title for a serious thought post.

I surrender though to the silliness.

You must embrace the trend to catch a trend. If not this one, the next.

The China Web 2.0 mania is in full swing. When it ends is anyone’s guess. Right now, there is massive demand. I can’t fully explain it and why would/should I waste a bazillion man hours on the fundamentals. The fundamentals are being trumped by mood. The public wants supply. Bankers give the public what they want and than pile on and take the fine at the end for unsportsmanlike supply. It’s called the business cycle and they are happening in rapid waves as the world shrinks.

It’s fascinating and dizzying.

Although I am too wimpy to indulge in the mania (traded in and out of $SINA a few times on the stream), I am having a blast reading about China these days, especially from two local Beijing sources…’TechRice‘ and Bill Bishop ( @niubi – a founder of Marketwatch and full disclosure…Bill is a friend, an investor in Stocktwits and SocialLeverage).

These have become MUST reads if you love tech, have any interest in making money from trusted people on the ground in Beijing and want to follow the trend.

It’s ok to laugh at it and even be pissed, but there is a ton of knowledge and network effects from just these two daily reads.

Go to work.

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