Research In Motion (RIMM)…R.I.P.

It’s hard to think about stocks when your son has flag football. This is a picture of my boy Max dreaming of Candy and Football.


He just got his cast off, the cast he had to wear from me breaking his knuckle with a perfect spiral a few weeks back. The lawyers will settle out the cash details of that mess.

With respect to RIMM I have long avoided the stock. It’s been way too loved and overowned. Much like Nokia was to Finland and Microsoft in the Nasdaq, RIMM is Canada. It’s bigger than Nortel ever was and way too loved. The curve is fantastic and you will have to pry it from my cold dead hands, but that’s today. Tomorrow, I am open to change. You will say that Google, Amazon, Apple and Qualcomm are overowned and I will chuckle in your face. They may drop, but they are not overowned. Investors are scared to own them.

I was buying all day if you follow me on Twitter and I am going to get stung at the open from collateral damage. On this blog, I remain subdued. The average investor should be mostly on the sidelines, laughing and watching and building lists. As a hedge fund manager that is paid to protect money and make money, I have been feeling bullish and risking some of my profits from a very good year for the chance of a sick up year. But I won’t let a very good year become an average year. I will shoot trades first and ask questions later.

That’s the life I have to lead. I love it though.

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