Restaurants – If I had to own two…

Easy question:

1. Chipotle’s. This is a stock I bought after the IPO and sold a few months ago in the 60’s. I am eyeing it again in the low 50’s. Don’t even try to argue with me. This restaurant will kepp gowing and growing…..

2. McDonalds – look at this HISTORICAL CHART . What a ride. If you look at the bottom a few years back, I am sure it is correlated with the parent friendly meals and salads being added and the boom in their Chipotle’s investment. Also, all the negative energy and noise surrounding the hysterical low budget movie – “Super Size” me.


I think a brilliant opportunity on the remaining part of the retail movie market is the Joint venture between Coinstar (own the groceries distribution) and Mcdonalds – called RedBox .


Going to be tough for others to challenge the distribution power combination of these two. I would say that there is a WEEEE bit of growth opportunity in this segment. Adios Blockbuster and Movie Gallery and Hollywood Video. Kudos for the brave souls that stayed with these pesky shorts all these years as the broadband was overpromised and underdelivered!

Well done McDonalds!