Reuters…Getting With The Program?

So here is the letter I get from Reuters asking me to SEND MY TRAFFIC to them for the luxury of having my posts on Reuters:

What do you think? I hope you know. Sounds like the Glam of finance is in the works.

Dear Howard Lindzon,

I would like to invite you to become part of the new Reuters Affiliate Network. We would like to make your content available through

At Reuters we understand that blogs are a very important part of today’s news coverage. In response, we are creating the ‘Reuters Affiliate Network’. This Network will feature prestigious blogs covering the following categories: Personal Finance, Investing, Business, World Events and Lifestyle.

What are the benefits of being part of Reuters Network?

· Recognition: By becoming part of Reuters Blog network you will join one of the largest and most trusted news sources of the world and one of the fastest growing news sites (
· Promotion: Participating blogs will be linked from
· Content: you will receive free access to selected Reuters Headlines (RSS or Headline Wizard) and Reuters Video Player to publish Reuters News on your site.
· Revenue Potential: Reuters will share 30% of the net revenue derived from your Blog by implementing mutually agreed advertising components to your site.
· Independence: Reuters will not interfere with your editorial process.

How does this work?

You sign the Letters of Agreement from ComScore and Nielsen (these are attached as Exhibits A and B). All traffic to your blog will then be assigned as Reuters traffic. You then become part of the Reuters blog network and your blog will be accessible from
You or Reuters can cancel this agreement at any time at either party’s discretion

Next Steps: If you agree with the proposed above, please let me know and I will follow up with the appropriate next steps

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Should you have any questions or ideas, please email or call me directly.


Nice of them to reach out, but basically a cold e-mail. If I am a handful of people and everybody else knows how to reach me, why the form letter. Furthermore, I write about stocks, I can’t imagine anyone giving me full editorial control, especially a network as ‘trusted’ as Reuters. Not a good deal for anybody who already has a bit of a voice. If you think I am wrong…let me know why. Thanks


  1. eddie Daroza says:

    so do they want to basically republish your stuff on their site, with a link to you? or do they want to run ads on your site and split the revenue?

  2. bocagirl says:

    Agree with the comments above. Don’t do it. Reuters has more to gain from this deal than you do, especially since all your traffic gets “assigned to Reuters”. You are already on the cutting edge, they are playing catch up with the blog world, Wallstrip, etc., and would love for people to give them all their original content.

  3. Broker A says:

    Also, track them down and rip the tiling off their kitchen floors.

    Dude, they’re trying to steal from you.

    You gonna take that?

    That’s like me emailing you, saying: “Hey goat fucker, do me a favor and send me your fucking wallet, so that I may use it to buy X-mas presents. Oh, by the way, I’ll give you 30% of your money back.

    Act now.”

  4. wallstreetfighter says:

    If it makes you feel any better I got an email also. I guess they want to see girls in bikinis on reuters as well. They did send me a $10,000 advance though. Did you get that?

  5. Tim says:

    Don’t do it. They are already cutting their free and pay stock screeners for lack of demand. Their entire sight must be struggling.

  6. Howard Lindzon says:

    never intended to do it, just checking the pulse.

    How hard is it if they want a few people to write for them to write a personal email to introduce and follow up chat.


  7. This is the 3rd media venture I have seen with this request:

    “You sign the Letters of Agreement from ComScore and Nielsen . . . All traffic to your blog will then be assigned as Reuters traffic.”

    In other words, the Nielsen Net Ratings and comScore Media Metrix numbers are now worthless. Web publishers have figured out how to game these, just as CDO underwriters figured how to game Moody’s and Standard & Poors rating (by greasing the pigs).

    I will bet you that the web traffic scores will soon be as informative and reliable as a AAA rating on a mortgage back, sub-prime laden CDO.

    To err is human, but it takes an MBA to really create a clusterfuck . . . .

  8. Cavemanus says:

    Obviously, Reuters is hurting. That is why they allowed Thompson to take them over.

    It seems Bloomberg is just killing Reuters.

    The beauty of reading (and writing) blogs is you avoid the constrictions of mainstream editorial BS. To sign up with Reuters goes against this spirit and makes no sense.

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