Boooooyahhhh for you longs. Lindzon readers win again. I lose for selling half at $106 ish this morning, but you guys scared me with your bullishness. i won’t doubt my readers anymore… until next time. Well done.

I plan on sending the underwear anyway…to the putz that guessed $89 :) .

Which stock should we game for next week?


  1. haileris says:

    The Wisdom of Crowds wins again. RIMM was especially effective when polling the crowd because it’s an industry the average reader of this blog understands and notices.

    If it makes you feel better about selling at 106 — even though I thought it should be around 111->117, I hold absolutely zero RIMM positions because I don’t like the company. Seriously fucktarded.

  2. Michael Lazerow says:

    Go RIMM! Huge consumer market opportunity. Huge China opportunity. This stock is a winner for a long time to come.

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