#RIPTwitter or #RIPStockmarkets…and Twitter Should be the Nicest Corporation on Earth

Twitter’s demise is trending on Twitter this weekend.

If there was ever a sentiment to fade, this would be it (I am long at the moment).

The fact that #RIPTwitter is trending proves the insane power of Twitter.

Twitter’s shareholders have more than #RIPtwitter to worry about. The markets are in the meanest mood since 2008 (see my last blog post because this week it’s just worse).

I do not have the product chops, operational skills or business acumen to ‘save’ Twitter, but I continue to love the product and appreciate the power of the network. I can’t imagine a world in which I would not want to broadcast from it. I highly doubt Twitter will change the timeline for addicted monthly users, but it’s obvious that giving me free ‘real-time’ broadcasting is not something the stock market loves.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for a real-time network to be spam free and hate free (I know this because we try to do this everyday at Stocktwits). I don’t mind angry Twitter. Angry Twitter makes it easier to find the unappreciative and the miseries so that I can ‘block’ them. Twitter needs to remain the global ‘mood ring’.

The product itself just might make them too powerful to be nice as a whole. I am coming to terms with that. If that’s the case, they will be more like Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner and Comcast. They are products we can’t live without but companies/brands we hate.

I hope this downturn makes Twitter a nicer corporation because I am confident there is a huge, profitable, 100 year business on the other side of this crash.