Robinhood Files To Go Public

I had a long planned day off today to go fishing in the Everglades (south of Naples) with my friend Lewis Johnson.

We had a great day of fishing and soaking up the beauty of the region though we did not catch a Tarpon.

We got off the water at 3 and my phone was lit up with texts about The Robinhood S-1 (Robinhood filing to go public).

I have been expecting the filing and promise to get out some notes on it in tomorrow’s post once I have digested it today.

Needless to say, I am excited for our partners at Social Leverage. I have been a seed investor in other companies that have gone public (Lifelock, Tubemogul and Etoro), but Robinhood’s will be the biggest in market cap by a large margin.

I am off to Miami to see Rob (Koyfin) and some other friends for a lunch before heading back to Coronado this evening.

One funny, small world story before I head off today…

I am staying at the wonderful La Playa hotel on the beach in Naples. I was taking a walk at sunset yesterday and dipping my feet in the warm gulf water and a man approaching from the south asked if I was Howard. My first instinct is always to say NO and run like hell because it could be a crazy person that does not like my tweets!

As always that instinct is overrun by the gut feeling to say YES because it could be someone from ‘Publisher’s Clearing House’ telling me I won $1 million.

So I said YES.

Luckily it was a fan and fellow fintwitter Drew Dickson (we have never met) who has recently moved his family back from London to Naples. Of course I grabbed a photo…

The sunsets in Naples are fantastic by the way…

Have a great Froday.