Robinhood Goes Crypto

I am thrilled to see Robinhood announce (launch in February) zero commission Crypto trading.

Part of the thrill of this fintech boom is seeing companies like Robinhood that we have invested in and/or products I want to see come to life.

I actually got the news this morning via text from a few friends. Robinhood is careful not to tell me everything because I am ‘chatty’.

Robinhood is the first major brokerage to add support for cryptocurrency trading. No small feat.

I suspected Robinhood would be launching this in 2017 so I was only a month off.

Jeff Morris who leads the revenue team at Tinder sums this launch up the best:

The skeptics will continue to laugh, but Josh Brown sums it up further:

You can tell these kids whatever you want about the olden days but they don’t care. Unless they all go to zero, it’s game on.

I texted a congrats to Robinhood founders Vlad and Baiju and also a bug that I was seeing with the app upgrade. I have the uncanny ability to break apps and find bugs.

Later in the day, I was chatting with Baiju about how I liked the look and feel and caught up on their accomplishments. It really is an exciting company.

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