Robinhood – I Love When a Plan Comes Together

Robinhood announced their Series B today of $50 million. We (SocialLeverage) are very excited to be able to participate in the round as we did as Angels and the Series A.

I have written at length about why we love Robinhood. Here and here for starters.

TechCrunch has some more details on this particular round, the product and use of proceeds.

I have had such a great time watching the Robinhood team grow and execute. I have regular conversations with Baiju and Vlad the founders, I have been able to help them with strategy, recruit, introduce to capital and as a bonus, they spend time with the other founders in our portfolio. I love using the product and bringing them new accounts.

The product makes people smile. A smartphone loaded with Robinhood speeds up the revolution in the world of investing. Millions more people around the world will be exposed to the language of trading, investing and markets.

This is still just the beginning.

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  1. Adam Wolak says:

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